Online Swim Coaching

Scarcity of pool space is driving the need to find alternative methods of coaching swimmers. To address these issues, KJ Multisport is pleased to introduce online swim coaching.

Coaching a swimmer online, as opposed to being on deck, is a relatively new form of coaching, made possible by technology such as Skype, FaceTime and Dropbox.

KJ Multisport's online coaching provides the same value and benefits as deck coaching including:

  • Goal setting and creating an action plan. Athletes have goals. Yet without a plan, it is difficult to achieve those goals in sport or in life. Athletes will establish their goals from which we will work together to create a training plan, including periodic progress check-ins.
  • Accountability. Athletes need to be accountable for their goals. Once the plan is established, we ensure our athletes are following the plan and staying on track. We'll review what went well or didn't go well in practices and meets. We'll review and critique videos of meets and practices to turn each experience into a positive learning experience, reminding athletes of their goals.
  • Swim stroke and technique analysis. Leveraging videos, Skype, email and other technology, KJ Multisport will provide the same quality of coaching as if in-person on the pool deck.
  • Positive affirmation. Building confidence and self-esteem are what sports are supposed to teach athletes. Without positive affirmation, they can fall short. Whether via skype or phone call, we continue to provide the positive affirmation athletes need to succeed.

How It Works

Our online coaching service is a $200 monthly subscription. Starting with a required consultation, in which we’ll discuss goals and create an action plan, athletes receive monthly swim stroke and technique analysis through:

  • Video analysis (video uploaded by client) – up to 4 videos per month
  • Immediate feedback on stroke (based on video provided)
  • Appropriate drills that focus on areas of improvement
  • Access to swim drill videos that highlight proper form and technique
  • Written feedback
  • Phone or skype support – 1 hour per month
  • Emails – 4 per month

Clients may also choose to add the following to their subscription:

  • New client – initial 30-minute phone consultation (required) - $50
  • Customized workouts - $15 per workout
  • Additional video reviews - $15 per video
  • Dryland training - $50 per month
  • Race strategy and analysis - $15 per race